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Libraries, Ebooks and Common Sense

Do you care about the book biz?

Read ALA President Maureen Sullivan’s open letter to publishers.  Here’s the first bit:

It’s a rare thing in a free market when a customer is refused the ability to buy a company’s product and is told its money is “no good here.” Surprisingly, after centuries of enthusiastically supporting publishers’ products, libraries find themselves in just that position with purchasing ebooks from three of the largest publishers in the world. Simon & Schuster, Macmillan, and Penguin have been denying access to their ebooks for our nation’s 112,000 libraries and roughly 169 million public library users…”

Libraries? They’re for Toddlers and Grandma! Right?

 I have to admit it–I’m a book pro who, until recently, hasn’t paid a whole lot of my professional attention to libraries. I’ve written, represented, sold, edited,acquired, published, promoted, branded; I’ve lectured, ranted and lunched.  My bias–keep it real, keep it calm, keep standards high.

Libraries?  Well, they’re always there, right?  For folks like my mom? [Read more…]