Mark Kistler“Jody is beyond AWESOME! I’ve worked with her for a decade and wouldn’t think of launching a project without her “Midas” touch! She is quite simply “Americas PUBLISHING PRO!” From websites to words to finance-I’ve never met anyone as knowledgeable about all aspects of the publishing industry.”

Mark Kistler, PBS personality, author of You Can Draw in 30 Days, Da Capo Press, Drawing in 3D, Simon & Schuster, and more.

Timothy Ashby“Working editorially with Jody Rein and her team at Author Planet is like getting a graduate degree in writing. My novels have improved drastically in pacing, authenticity—and readership—since I began working with Author Planet.”

Timothy Ashby, author of Devil’s Den and Time Fall

Mark Gompertz“Jody was extraordinarily gifted and creative in coming up with ideas and finding commercial properties [as an executive editor]. Her authors loved her as did her colleagues for her smarts, talent, enthusiasm and good sense of humor. I would highly recommend Jody.”

Mark Gompertz, former Executive Vice President & Publisher, Simon & Schuster

Dr. Lucy Spelman“Jody strives for the best, sets the bar high, and encourages others to do the same. Her success in the world of book publishing reflects her high standards. She knows the business inside and out–and her clients benefit!”

Dr. Lucy Spelman, author, The Rhino with Glue-On Shoes, Random House

Trisha Pritikin“I have had the privilege and pleasure of working with Jody Rein and Author Planet® as my publication consultant for more than a year. When I first came to Jody, I had, in-hand, an magnum opus which I considered to be my “Book Proposal.” As this was my first effort at a book proposal, or a book, for that matter, I hadn’t a clue whether this thick, over-detailed document was what a publisher would want.

Jody has provided wise, gentle advice to me, assisting me in revision of the book proposal. Under her guidance, the document has become a true reflection of the memoir that it represents.

Jody has also overseen the creation of a website which has allowed me to become an influential presence in the world of social media, and has given a voice to a social cause which I hold dear to my heart.

She and her staff have taught me the basic skills I needed to participate meaningfully, resulting in growing interaction and influence internationally on Twitter and Facebook. Thanks to my new presence on social media, I have been able to serve as the force behind several events that have resulted in change for good.

Jody has provided me with insight into the complex and changing world of commercial publishing and how to approach potential publishers with my work. Jody’s extensive experience with authors and major publishing houses gives her an edge that one would not find in a less experienced publication consultant.

I feel extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to develop this project under Jody’s guidance. The end product is much richer for my collaboration with Jody.”

Trisha Thompson Pritikin

Madeleine Morel“Jody is the consummate professional; she’s creative, a pleasure to deal with and her knowledge of book publishing is profound. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.”

Madeleine Morel, President at 2M Communications, Ltd

Joe Lieberman “I was born with a congenital condition called “lazy eye,” which subsequently must have spread to the rest of my body, thereby rendering me far too sloth-like to bother with such things as jotting down reviews for the benefit of my fellow writers. However, in this particular case, I have chosen to make an exception. Any marginal editor can smooth out sentences and point out obvious deficiencies. But Jody actually takes the time to digest and understand what it is the writer is attempting to do before offering well thought out input.  She is also a more creative “big picture” mindset than most.

Joe Lieberman,,

Michael Larsen

“Jody is beyond wonderful. It’s a tremendous pleasure just to be with her. She has a gift for communicating in a clear, authoritative, engaging way that inspires trust and affection.”

Michael Larsen, Literary Agent, Author, Co-Founder San Francisco Writers Conference

Louise Hauck “Jody’s suggestions are clear and concise, and effectively point me in the direction I need to go with my project. I’ve had a most instructive and enjoyable time working with her!”

Louise Hauck, Author Planet Client,

Bonnie F. McCune

“Kudos to Jody! People at the Denver Woman’s Press Club’s “Get Connected!” event were thrilled to have the opportunity to hear Jody speak. She provided the substance and valuable information we sought. Jody has such an open, upfront approach, it was perfect for our casual atmosphere, while she still maintained the utmost professionalism. Our deepest appreciation for Jody taking time from her busy schedule to be involved.”

Bonnie F. McCune, Chair, Get Connected!, Denver Woman’s Press Club

Michael Royce

“My colleague and I learned a great deal from Jody in our brief consultation. Jody was very kind, while being direct and to the point, throughout, even when I managed to spill my tea over my desk and papers.”

Michael Royce, Author Planet Client

David H. Wilson, Jr.

“I was inspired by Jody’s class on a writer’s “voice” at the Willamette Writers Conference. Her class made a difference for me. That is not an everyday occurrence.”

David H. Wilson, Jr., Portland, Oregon, Author

“Jody gives thoughtful and thorough assessments, a value to me, and I appreciate it. I take her words to heart, and I may well come knocking at her door again with future projects.”

Bill Nesbit, Author Planet Client