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Book publishing today is a multi-faceted and constantly changing endeavor.To achieve success, you must be familiar with both traditional and self-publishing, on and off-line marketing, personal branding and bookselling. That’s on top of finely honing your writing skills and subject matter expertise Most writers–most people–aren’t expert in all these things; that’s why, for so many years, every book published had a team of professionals behind it. Not now.* These days, everything seems to be on the author’s shoulders, no matter how you publish. We’re here to help. We bring you close to thirty years of executive-level experience in book publishing. If we don’t have an answer, we’ll find someone who does.

Our goal: to provide useful and conscientious counsel in a very muddy world.

[one_third]General Consulting

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Individual and Corporate Work
Our services include:
Concept Clarification
You know you have a book in you, but haven’t nailed down the hook or structure. We love this challenge: It’s the kind of problem-solving that keeps us young..ish.
Self Publish or Try Traditional?
Either publishing path is viable; either decision may be right, or right for now. We have helped authors publish both ways, and move between paths, for almost thirty years. We want to help you work through this fundamental decision.
Books as Corporate Branding Tools
We can help you decide where (and how) a book might enhance your company’s profile.
Publishing Startups
We can help you determine whether your new publishing company is viable, and how to brand, structure and budget it.
Contract Negotiation
We are not attorneys, but have negotiated hundreds of publishing contracts with major and minor houses.
Agent on Your Shoulder
You don’t yet have an agent, but you seek agent-level advice. Ask us.[/one_third][one_third]

Project Management

Establish your Platform


Expand your Brand


Create your Website

Author Planet founder Jody Rein has been managing publishing projects since her days as an executive editor in New York.  Editing is a small part of the work of an acquisitions editor; in-house editors are the hubs of a many spoked wheel that include branding, promotion, publicity, cover design, positioning, sales–and now, social media management.

We absolutely love this work. It’s a way we can take advantage of both our control-freaky skills, perfectionistic tendencies, and broad and diverse areas of expertise.  We, with the help of subcontractors, manage website development, social media promotion campaigns, self-publishing, proposal development–you name it, we’ll pull it together for you.




Writing, Editorial, Publishing and Representation Services

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Editorial and Writing Services

Author Planet Press

Jody Rein Books, Inc.

Project management

Author Planet founder Jody Rein has run the successful literary agency Jody Rein Books, Inc., for almost two decades. Her agency is small and select, and separate from Author Planet.  If you seek representation, please contact Jody through her contact form.





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To Self or Not to Self


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*Traditional houses still employ teams of marvelous people to support each book. But authors are expected to be “full partners” in the publishing process. That means authors are expected to bring works to publishers that are already edited, and marketing platforms that are already fully developed.