I don’t recommend reading everything you can online about the book industry.  Just read the few trustworthy aggregators; collected and written by people who believe in the thoughtful publication of worthy books.
Publishers Marketplace and Publishers Lunch: www.publishersmarketplace.com

This (subscription fees for premium content) publishing industry newsletter and insider resource is, in my opinion, the most trustworthy source of information available about who is publishing what; who is buying whom; who is working where; who is representing what; and more. It was created and is run by Michael Cader, a publishing insider, whose sometimes snarky and always spot-on news stories cut through the vast amount of misinformation spewed by even the most “trusted” sources such as The New York Times, which gets it wrong an awful lot.


WriterBeware: http://www.sfwa.org/for-authors/writer-beware/
http://bookcountry.com/industry/  ASHLEY can these blogs run in some way on my blog?  Book Country is also, I would say, a “sweet spot” between traditional and self-publishing with a focus on self-publishing, and is a terrific resource for beginning genre writers.  You’ll find articles on traditional publishing and self-publishing, self-published books to read and review, and a great community.

What’s the Penguin About?

Book Country, LLC is a subsidiary of Penguin Group, a Pearson company. Though owned by Penguin Group (USA), Book Country is a separate entity, both legally and practically with full-time Book Country staff members. Book Country is industry-wide in scope – books from all publishing houses will be mentioned on the site, and staff members from all publishers are welcome to participate. Book Country is an equal-opportunity community with the success of our Book Country members at heart.
ASHLEY–I’d like to run Book Country’s Genre Page as a page on my own site, is that possible?  Or open in a smaller window?  http://bookcountry.com/books/Map/Default.aspx

Carla King http://www.pbs.org/mediashift/carla-king/  She writes more authoritatively and objectively about trends in digital publishing than most folks I’ve seen. She also writes infrequently.

http://www.reddit.com/r/writing/comments/14l2z3/i_am_mark_coker_founder_of_smashwords_ama/?et_mid=594026&rid=3116617  DISCUSS, possibly subscribe to “writer” AMAs through site??

http://slicemagazine.org/about-us/  Wonderful magazine for emerging and established writers.  Read it, support it, love it.

http://www.emilywillinghamphd.com/p/online-writing-samples.html JODY consider, possibly list high-end writing resources.  Jody also join editorial/writing groups



National writing project:  http://www.nwp.org/