To Self (Publish) or NOT to Self?

Enjoy these slightly goofy (and, we hope, helpful) videos.

These were designed to a.) demonstrate that there’s plenty of room for civilized, objective discourse on the subject of whether to self-publish or traditionally publish a book; b.) illustrate how Jody thinks; c.) promote Jody’s forthcoming book (To Self (Publish) or NOT to Self: The “Ten Tells” Guide to Making a Great Publishing Decision); and d.) promote a bunch of products Jody was going to launch with the awesome self-publishing pro Sue Collier. Before, umm, Sue left publishing.

Sadly there is no longer a “Two Pub Pros” company and we’re not offering free video critiques anymore.

Practical Nonfiction

Many thanks to Paula Renaye, who allowed us to evaluate her self-published book for this video. Her work (now re-titled!) is Living the Life you Love: The No-Nonsense Guide to Total Transformation. Find it here!

Time to Stop the Negativity

This intro to our video programs shares our rants regarding rants in publishing. Publishing decisions must be made with objectivity and subjectivity–but not hostility.

Hello from Jody

Historical Thriller

Many thanks to Timothy Ashby, whose marvelous Devil’s Den and Time Fall are now published by Author Planet Press.