Securing an Agent for Your Self-Published Book with Jody ReinWriters Digest
Webinar, Quick Email Consult, Q & As and Updates

For any self-published writer who wants to land a traditional publisher! This unique webinar (created in 2010, updated in the accompanying material) is now only available here. Chock-full of essential information!

70 minute Webinar
PDF of follow-up questions, updates and contact information.
Quick Email Consult with Jody Rein

Webinar features Author Planet founder Jody Rein, offering practical advice (70 minutes worth) and plenty of diagrams and resources. Invaluable for any writer considering self-publishing as a path to a spot on a traditional publisher’s list.
Through Jody Rein Books, Inc. Jody has garnered more than one million dollars in advances for her self-published clients, successfully representing them to major publishers.

Note: You will hear, at the beginning and end of the webinar, Writers Digests, announcements regarding questions, upcoming webinars and query critiques. While we can’t answer questions in a taped webinar, of course, we would be glad to provide an email answer to any follow-up questions, free, with your purchase of the Webinar. Contact information is provided in the documentation that accompanies your download.

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