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Book Publishers Maybe NOT Terrified

Today’s a great day for authors!  The New York Times reports that three of the Big 6 publishers:  Simon & SchusterRandom House and Hachette are each

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The Big Year Becomes a Movie

The Big Year by Mark Obmascik

Fantastic Read: THE BIG YEAR

So what’s it like when a literary agent represents a book that becomes a major movie

Ummm, well…I have a poster.  And, to be fair, although movie money for book people isn’t what movie money is for movie people, I’ve got no complaints.  But that money came and went a long time ago–Jack Black isn’t giving my kids guitar lessons, Owen Wilson hasn’t asked me out to dinner, and Steve Martin [Read more…]

New York Times Says Publishers are Terrified

The mind boggles, sometimes, at the unnecessary hyperbole in writings about the publishing industry , especially online.  I’ll do my best to temper the frenzy I see with the facts I know.

Today: wacko omissions from The New York Times and the mind-boggling mixup by the National Book Awards  (who got book titles confused & included the wrong book when [Read more…]

Publishing FACT OR FRENZY!?

In the book publishing,  self publishing  and journalistic worlds, I see the haste to write joining forces with a rush to BE right.  Alas the ugly child of that union is too often the inadvertent perpetuation of falsehoods or at least misinformation. In other words, people write stuff they [Read more…]