Book Publishers Maybe NOT Terrified

Today’s a great day for authors!  The New York Times reports that three of the Big 6 publishers:  Simon & SchusterRandom House and Hachette are each

developing author portals, so that authors (and, interestingly, illustrators) can “check sales of their books, broken down by type of merchant and book format, including digital.”  It’s also a great day for small agencies like mine–Bookscan is really expensive, and Amazon rankings is a very poor substitute for accurate reports.

What I love most about this story is that once again we see POSITIVE change coming from the ebook and technological floodgates.   And it’s a wonderfully ironic follow-up to the headline a few days ago, all about publishers terrified of Amazon.  A little competitive fear that produces a positive outcome is A-OK by me.   This feels more like inspiration than fear to me, though–fear usually ends up with mergers and job loss.  Innovation and doors that open a little wider–hey–that’s a sweet spot.

Now–next shoe to drop:  How about raising those e-book royalties, Big 6 and publishers worldwide?  Love to see that playing field a little more level…

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