In Shadowland

“Suspenseful…Provocative…A riveting work of political intrigue [that]… weaves real-world history into a deft, dynamic historical thriller” — Kirkus Reviews

Teddy Roosevelt’s son Quentin was killed in WWI. So why is another man’s corpse in his grave?J. Edgar Hoover summons reluctant Special Agent Seth Armitage back to the Bureau to investigate the shocking revelation. Armitage must travel the world to probe the mystery, and quickly becomes targeted himself by powerful and ruthless forces on both sides of the Atlantic who are committed to keeping the scandal secret–at any cost. The line between enemy and ally blurs perilously as Seth becomes enmeshed with a WWI vet turned assassin with whom he shares a strange bond, a beautiful double agent with a personal agenda, and the political madmen building the Nazi party. The complex web reaches ever deeper, until Seth finds himself forced to make the terrifying choice to protect or destroy the soon-to-be Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler.

In his second book featuring Armitage, Ashby once again brings to life the emotionally-charged period between WWI and WWII, showing us that psychological wounds of war do not heal quickly, and the thirst for power and revenge runs very deep.

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