Time Fall by Timothy Ashby

“History buffs will delight in the World War II backdrop, but the book’s action, style and unremitting pace make it a triumph across-the-board.” Kirkus Reviews
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Lt. Art Sutton and his war-weary Special Forces team parachute into Nazi Germany in 1945 to destroy targets behind enemy lines. What they don’t know: during the jump they have somehow warped through time. They land in deeply forested Germany–in 2011. They start blowing things up. The young soldiers feel like heroes; the present-day German police hunt them down like the terrorists they appear to be; US forensics experts race to uncover the identity of a mysteriously intact body wearing WWII dog tags. What is good? Who is evil? Filled with action, historically accurate detail, and even romance, this complex tale will keep you riveted through every surprising and intriguing twist.
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