Publishers, Band and Brand!

U.S. ConstitutionA plea for the formation of a far more perfect publishing body; one that protects literature and may contribute to the bottom line, even if not signed by Benjamin Franklin.

Book Publishers, Collude!

We, the readers, in order to “discover” the most perfect books, establish the value of editorial, design and production skills, provide for the common defense of the critical mind, promote the general intellect, and secure the Blessings of  Quality Literature (known as “Content”) for ourselves and our Posterity, do suggest the establishment of an industry label for books published by the Professional Publishers of the World.

Brand it!  Please!

Label it Before It’s Too Late

Before it’s too late, guys, get together and create a label.  Pop it on any book published by a professional publisher, big or small, as long as the house is manned by qualified people vetting and editing the books they publish.  Make sure the author doesn’t pay to play.

Have you TRIED to find a book online?

My friends and colleagues, all books are created quite equal in most online distributor and library catalogs.  Consumers have nobody to trust and no way to know.  Let them trust you.  In the words of one of our greatest philosophers, put a ring on it, baby.

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