What Is a Quick Question?

At Author Planet®, we offer free answers to your straightforward publishing-related questions. Send us a question we can answer in around 50 words. (We often write more than 50 words, but it’s a place to start.) When you send us your question, you’re giving us permission to run it on our website and blog, and in other promotional materials if we feel the exchange may be of interest to others (we’ll remove your identifying information). Some examples of quick questions:

  • “Hi! What do you think of the first line of my query letter?”
  • “Two agents asked to see my manuscript on the SAME DAY! What should I do?”
  • “Do you know any great book cover designers personally?”
  • “Hi there! What’s the difference between ‘counsel’ and ‘council’?
  • “Dear Author Planet, should I submit to agents who aren’t in the AAR?”

Ask away!

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