Romance Writers Enough with the Rules Already!

Romance BooksRomance Writers Enough with the Rules Already!

Just stumbled on a short and funny essay by Avon’s romance blogger Lucia Macro.  From her opening lines:

“I’ve been seeing a lot of rules lately about romance writing. My advice today: stop. Please stop. Honestly, I’m not sitting around looking to see if your book has a prologue, if your pov shifts around a bit, or if every chapter is 20 pages long. I just read.

And I keep reading, until…”    (Read More Here)

Another sane and civil voice!  Very much in keeping with my own admirably grounded, sensible and modest viewpoint (see my query letter intro  if you don’t believe me.)

Warning–I disagree a teeny weeny bit with her postion–I do think basic genre conventions serve a useful purpose, especially for beginning writers.  But that’s fodder for a different blog.

Full disclosure:  I was once gainfully employed by Avon, albeit as exec ed of trade paperbacks, not romance.




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