Seashell on the Mountaintop cover

The Seashell on the Mountaintop by Alan Cutler

“Cutler’s book is marvelous” from The New York Times Book Review

“A book as complex and intriguing as the rocks that Steno studied.” from The Seattle Times
“Fascinating…Cutler’s animated and energetic prose provides a page-turning thriller of scientific discovery.” from Publishers Weekly

Seventeenth-century scientists were baffled: How did the fossils of seashells find their way to the tops of mountains? Nicolaus Steno, hailed by Stephen Jay Gould as “the founder of geology,” solved the puzzle, exploring beyond the pages of the Bible and looking directly at the clues left in the layers of the Earth. With his groundbreaking answer to the fossil quesiton, he confounded religious and scientific thinking, setting the state for modern science. At the same time his ideas were undermining the Bible’s authoritative claim as to the age of the planet, Steno was entering the priesthood and rising to bishop. He would ultimately become venerated as a saint, beatified by the Catholic Church in 1988.
A thrilling tale of scientific investigation and the portrait of an extraordinary genius, The Seashell on the Mountaintop is the story of how a scientist-turned-priest forever changed our understanding of the Earth.
Available in paperback and ebook formats here.

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